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Lately, I travel a lot and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
I've been to China again in September editing my last film "New Voice" which was shot in Beijing and just a week ago I came back from New York where I am involved in a project "Tango Shalom" which will be shot there.
I am also working at the moment on a screenplay based on Nissim Amon's novel "The Lotus Enigma" which will hopefully shoot in India in 2013\2014.
Maybe it has to do with age. If I had to choose between a very famous festival which I've been to tens of times, or a festival in Mongolia or Peru – I'll go for the festival in the country I've never been to before. I guess at this stage of my life, what adrenalizes me  is  – to meet new people,  experience new cultures, see new landscapes.
So, presenting my films in new places,  giving a lecture to film students in Cambodia,  or Prague, serving on a film festival Jury in places such as Goa - India or Yerevan - Armenia,  making a film in a genre I never made before – these are the kinds of things that make me happy.

Date Where is Dan Wolman? Venue City
08.11.2017 - 08.11.2017 An Israeli Love Story - screening Ahrya Fine Arts Beverly Hills
11.11.2017 - 11.11.2017 An Israeli Love Story - screening Laemmle Town Center 5 Encino
14.11.2017 - 14.11.2017 An Israeli Love Story - screening Laemmle Royal Theatre Los Angeles
04.10.2018 "An Israeli Love Story" won the GRAND PRIX 2018 Festival Laissez- Passer CARPENTRAS
20.11.2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, IFFI, 2018 IFFI GOA