Filmography and Biography

Born in Jerusalem on 28 Oct.1941. Spent the first years of his life in Ethiopia.
After finishing high school in Jerusalem Dan studied film in the U.S. From 1962 to 1965 at The Film Institute of City College New York. From 1965 to 1968 he completed his studies at New York University.

In 1968 Dan returned to Israel and shot his first feature - 1970 “The Dreamer“ an official entry at Cannes Film Festival.
Over the years Dan Wolman wrote and directed: personal feature films, commercial films, Short films and Documentaries.

Wolman taught cinema at Tel Aviv University, New York University, School of Visual Arts and lately made a film with the students of Nacta in Beijing China.

Wolman served on the Jury of Jerusalem, Haifa, Chicago, Cine -Manila, Goa, Istanbul, Bratislava, Mumbai, Yerevan, Pune, DocAviv and EBS (Korea) and many other film festivals.

Dan Wolman's films have been presented in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Shanghai, Goa, Moscow and many other film festivals, winning awards and prizes the world over. Dan received a “Life time achievement award” at Jerusalem International film festival and "The Silver Hugo" award at the Chicago International Film Festival for "Unique vision and innovative work". In January 2015 he was awarded the "Arik Einstein prize" for his achievements and contribution to Israeli cinema and culture. In 2016 Dan won "The Ophir Life Time Achievement Award" by the Israeli film Academy. His films cover a big range from the very commercial youth comedy "Lemon Popsical" to the very personal "The Distance" and "Foreign Sister" both of which won the Volgin Award for "Best film" at the Jerusalem International Film Festival

Feature films:

1970 “The Dreamer“
an official entry at Cannes Film Festival.
1972 "Floch"
(Written in collaboration with Chanoch Levin) in competition at Venice Film Festival.
1975 "My Michael"
Wolman collaborated on the script which was based on the novel By Amos Oz, with Ester Mor.    The film won "David Lyre" award for best film, best director and best script.
1979 "Hide and Seek"
Berlin Film Fest. It won in Israel "The Silver Rose" award for best film, best director, and best script .
1985 "Soldier of The Night"
Montpeleir Film Festival, Sardinia and others. 1992 -"Silver Hugo" award at the Chicago International Film Festival for unique vision and innovative work…
1994 " The Distance"
First prize at the Jerusalem Int.Film Festival - "Volgin award".
1999 Receives "Life time achievement award" at Jerusalem Int. Fest.
2000 "Foreign Sister"
First prize at the Jerusalem Int. Film Festival. "Special recognition" Berlin. B. Film Festival .
2001 "Treasures of the Red Sea"
a children film.
2004 "Ben's Biography"
In competition Moscow International Film Festival. New Delhi film Festival.
2006 "Tied Hands"
2011 "Gei Oni"
2014 "The Director's Angst"
2016 "An Israeli Love Story"

Commercial films:

“Maid in sweeden” - 1971,“Baby love” - 1983,
“Up Your Anchor” - 1985, “Nana” - 1984.

Television dramas:

1976 "The Story of Basha" based on short story by Issac Bashevis Zinger. Won The Best Television Drama of the Year by Israel's Broadcasting Authority.
1977 "Gimpel the Fool" Based on a short story by Bashevis Zinger. Competed the Italian Television competition.
1988 "Stempenue" based on the first novel of Shalom Aleichem. Competed Italia Television contest.
1992 "Mivchan Magen" based on a script by Aliza Olmert.
1993 "Scape Goat" a two part mini series based on a novel by Eli Amir.
1999 "Protected Species" for Reshet production.
2012  "Gei Oni" A six part tellevision series.

Short films:

1965 - “Habit” (Written by Lan Okun), Cin’e award, Golden Eagel award. A.F.I. Film Festival.
“The Race, “The Living” Winner of best film, best director and best editor prizes at the American photographic Society of America.
1968 - “The Gospel” The Kingsly Award for best film of the Year at N.Y.U. film festival.
1978 “The National Poet” (Based on a radio drama by Chanoch Levin).


1968 “Saffed”
1970 “Men of the Holly Mountain” (about the Samaritans).
1978 “To touch a city” - Jerusalem.
1981 “ Big days small stories”
1991 “Mosaic” the story of Beit Shean.
1997 “Reuven Shiloah”.
1999 “Yolande”.
2001 “ Yitshak Sade”
2007 "Spoken with Love" official selection "DocAviv" film festival
2010 "Yolande-an unsung heroine"
2016 “Loving Eyes”.


1982 "Bells in Jerusalem" CHAN theater in Jerusalem.
1983 “She wasn’t Here”.
Written in collaboration with Blanka Metsner "Zavta" theater.
1991 “Ben’s Biography”. Presented at “Theaterneto” in Tel Aviv, Edinburgh theater Festival, “Village Gate” New York.
1995 “The Operation” Festival for Alternate Theater.
2003 "Last Curtain in Damascus".
2004 “Yadja” (by Blanca Metzner and Dan Wolman) opened in Paris. Later that year "Yadja" was presented at The Avignon Theater Festival.
2006 "The Lit Darkness". Presented at the Tzavta Theater