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Floch, a seventy year old man loses his son, daughter in-law and grandson, who are all killed in a car accident.
He goes into deep depression and feels that he can't leave this world without leaving an offspring, a descendant to carry on his name.
He divorces his wife Gerda who is too old to bear him a child and sets out to find a younger woman with whom he can fulfill his dream.



1972 in competition at Venice Film Festival.


FLOCH, the new film by the promising young director, Dan Wolman is a film of great power and a strong sense of tragic irony.

Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Screenplay: Dan Wolman & Chanoch Levin
  • Producer: Alfred Flein, Haim Zeldis
  • D.O.P: Ya'ackov Kallach
  • Editor: David Milstein
  • Music: Alex Cagan, Yisrael Segal
  • Main cast:
    Avraham Chalfi Lula Yackobovitz Ofra Doron Yisrael Segal Arnon Tzafir Savich Goldreich Hanoch Levin Tom Levy